Trump Versus Kim: 10th Blog Post Special

It’s no secret that Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are not fans of one another. Trump has heavily criticized both the regime itself and the nuclear tests it conducts on what seems to be a semi-regular basis. Recently, however, there has been a new move made in the chess game against North Korea. Trump has declared the Communist regime a state sponsor of terror. The North Koreans were on this list for quite some time until George Bush took them off in 2008 to ease nuclear negotiations, and remained off said list through all 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency. But now they’re back on, and it really shouldn’t surprise anyone given the tumultuous relationship that Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim have. In my upcoming story, I plan to explain how this move affects both countries now and in the future, and how it affects our nuclear negotiations with the regime.

Article link provided below.


4 Replies to “Trump Versus Kim: 10th Blog Post Special”

  1. Hey Jack!
    I’m always on my toes when it comes to hearing about President Donald Trump and Dictator Kim Jong Un actions. Unfortunately its hard to tell what the other might do out of impulsive. So I’m actually not surprised President Donald Trump declared North Korea a state sponsor of terror because of all of Kim Jong Un’s irrational decisions.


  2. Hi Jack,
    This sounds like it will be a very fascinating and informative topic to cover. Can’t say I’m at all surprised with Trump’s ridiculous and irrational decisions to run this country (to the ground). Let’s see how he does with a nuclear war.


  3. Hi Jack!
    I think this a topic that more people definitely need to get informed on. It’s scary to think that nuclear war could stem from these two men. Either way, I’m curious on hearing more about this topic.


  4. This is insane that these two people are in control of countries and their military. Kim Jong Un has already made comments about trump begging for nuclear war. Hopefully, this all blows over.


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