Looking Back on The Storyteller Project

Ever since the start of this blog I had always wondered where my writing would take me, and what it would show me about myself. I found out that I’m very interested in North Korea, particularly Kim Jong Un, and the country’s relationship with our own. I’ve interviewed DJ’s, traveled out of the country, and created podcasts all in the name of journalism. This blog has allowed me to touch a part of me that I always thought had resided within me but was never acted upon. Being able to offer my viewpoints and to tell my stories to a limitless virtual audience is an opportunity that I am very thankful to have received. My ability to communicate my thoughts has been refined as a result of this blog. It’s almost therapeutic, to a degree. They say writing often is the only way to really improve. I’ve found this to be true. I hope you all have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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